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Our affiliate program has two different levels to choose from:

Level 1 (no cost to participate):
Is totally free to you and consists of a link to our sales page, where your customers can purchase the Pet*iD package of their choice (a Yearly or Lifetime option.) You will then receive a $4.00 commission for every sale that uses your affiliate link or your coupon at the Pet*iD store. You will receive a coupon code and password-protected administration page, where you can monitor and track your sales. You are free to promote your affiliate coupon code however you choose. Commissions will be paid quarterly when the amount is greater than $25.

Level 2 (a setup fee will apply):
Similar to Option 1, but is more advanced. We develop a complete storefront package that looks and feels just like your website. This option allows you to have your own pet registry program linked directly to ours; where Pet*iD manages the technical aspect as well as the customer service portion. This option will allow customers to search and update tags from your custom site, and receive ID tags with your business information and or logo. Pet*iD manages the sales and shipping and handling through our SSL certified website that supports all credit cards and PayPal. The benefit to you is your customers feel as if they are purchasing the best possible ID tag directly from your familiar web page.

Any sales that come through your site will earn you a $4.00 commission for yearly options. You will also receive a $2.00 commission on annual renewals for as long as the customer stays with the program. A $10.00 commission will be earned for any lifetime option that is purchased though your customized site. You will receive a password-protected administration page where you can monitor your sales and monthly records. This option will cost $50.00 to setup (including development and design of your custom pages), and a monthly service fee of $10.00.

After approval, you will receive an email with a link to the html code to put on your web page. When a purchase is made through this link, it will be tracked to credit your account. You will also receive a link to your admin page, where you can keep track of the orders received with your affiliate code. If you have questions, contact us with your contact information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.






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