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Pet*iD is the pioneer of online pet security

Since 1996 we’ve been offering pets and their owners the most inclusive registry available.

• Verify rabies vaccinations

• Provide necessary information about their pets

• AlterNet contacts

• Real time updating

• Upload photos

• Free registry linked ID Tag

Pet*iD will be your pet’s voice, while helping you keep track of your pets vital information.
You can even include a microchip number in your online registration.
All of your pet’s information stays safe and ready if your pet needs help, in one complete 
Site. We will even email you a message when vaccinations and updates are due.
Our system ensures the quickest reunion possible if the unforeseen happens.
With Pet*iD, rest assured that you and your pet will never be more than a click or a call away!

Pet*iD works directly with Veterinarians Clinics, Shelters, Municipality’s, Animal Control,
Local law enforcements, Hospital Emergency, First Responders, Pet Parents’
and those who find lost pets.

Veterinarians Clinics:
Vets have a registered Admin access that allows them to verify Rabies vaccinations
and manage other pet information for their Pet Patient.

Shelters have access to a complete registry path for all the animals that enter their Shelter.
When the pet enters the shelter, a record is created and a Pet*iD Tag is attached to the
animal and stays with the pet from then on. This service is free to non profit Shelters.

A branch of Pet*iD is the M.A.L.N. Program; It is a more efficient and cost effective way
to administer Pet City Licensing.

Animal Control:
Local law enforcements:
Hospital Emergency:
First Responders:

Have access to fast, accurate information at any time to help protect people and pets.

Pet Parents:
Pet Parents’ have access to update their pet’s homeward information at any time without hassle.

Lost pets:
Those that find lost pets have instant access to homeward information so they can
direct a pet back home, instead of to an Animal Impound.











































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